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Do my friends lie?


Name: Arie

Age: 14

Location: Massachusetts

Sexual Preference: men


5 Favorite Bands: The Early November, Yellowcard, Evanescence, Brand New, The Used (even though they're really mainstream)

5 Least Favorite Bands: The Lingos, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Slipknot, Korn

Some Movies You Like: 10 Things I Hate About You, Fern Gully, Armageddon, The Notebook, and Save the Last Dance

Some Movies You Hate: The Red Violin, Napoleon Dynamite

3 Hobbies: Scrapbooking, walking with my neighbor, and taking pictures

Best Thing About You: if someone needs someone to vent to, or ask advice, I'm always open. I'm always gonna be there for my friends, even if we drift.

Worst Thing About You: i can sometimes be too hyper or nosy and it might annoy people sometimes =[

Make Me Laugh: Alright, so three guys die and go to heaven. Their transportation is based on how good they were to their girlfriends when they were alive. The first guy says, "I never strayed." He receives a Rolls Royce. Second guy says, "I strayed once or twice, but for the most part I was a good person." The guy that judges them figures this counts for something, so he receives a Pontiac. The third guy says, "I hit on everything I could get." He receives an old beat up motorcycle. So later, when the three are cruising around in their new cars/motorcycles, the guy with the Pontiac sees the guy with the Rolls Royce crying. "Hey buddy, what's wrong?" he says. "I just saw my girlfriend," the man says, sobbing, "she was on roller blades!"


What Do You Consider A Best Friend To Be Like: I personally don't have a best friend, but I think a best friend is someone you should be able to trust your deepest secrets with. Someone who you can laugh with whenever you are with them. In the occasion that it is not a happy time, someone who will cry with you when you are upset.

Abortion: I think for rape victims, it should be an option. They didn't have say in the decision to have sex, so I think they should have the right to have abortion. I think that anyone else shouldn't have the right. They knew the risks, and if they didn't, well, that's their fault.

Sex Before Marriage: I think it's alright, if you really know that you love them. Or if you're engaged, I think it's alright. I think teen sex is terrible, unless you're around 17 or 18 years old.

Gay Marriage: I don't think the government can get in the way of love. If two people love each other, whether or not they're the same sex, let them get married. It's not like they're a different species, and something bad will come out of it. Honestly, what's the worst thing that can happen if a woman and a woman or a man and a man get married?

The Spice Girls: I hate to say that I used to hate them because everyone else did. I started liking them again when I realized I should do the best I can to be myself, not what everyone else wants. I think they rock!

Marijuana and Alcohol? I think it's the user's choice. I myself have never smoked, but I have drank. As long as it doesn't become a major issue, I think it's fine.

Please promote to 1 community and 2 lj users...show links please! :-D this is just so people will hear about this awesome community and have more applications :-D


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me with my friend Ari. I'm in the yellow =)
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one must be clearly of your face....one must be clearly of your

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