Becky =) (happy_faaaace25) wrote in d0_friends_lie,
Becky =)

Do my friends lie?


Name: Becky McCarthy

Age: 14

Location: Mansfield Ma

Sexual Preference: i like men?


5 Favorite Bands: sublime, greenday, yellowcard,  sugarcult, the killers

5 Least Favorite Bands: simple plan, franz fernidand, hanson, backstreet boys, my chemical romance

Some Movies You Like: gothika, the notebook

Some Movies You Hate: empire records

3 Hobbies: singing, dancing, basketball

Best Thing About You: eyes

Worst Thing About You: fingers. i bite my nails

Make Me Laugh: two muffins were baking in an oven. one muffin turns to the other and says "man is it getting hot in here" and the other muffin goes "AHH A talking Muffin!"


What Do You Consider A Best Friend To Be Like: honest, loving, not afraid to cry in front of me. not afraid to say anything to me good or bad

Abortion: depends. if you had sex willingly then you face the consequence of having a baby or at least enduring those 9 months until you can put it up for adoption. say if you were raped you shouldnt have to pay or suffer for having a child that wasnt ment to be

Sex Before Marriage: go for it =)

Gay Marriage: absolutely my cousins gay hes wicked cool. hes getting married soon im wicked happy

The Spice Girls: must admit i love them. spice up your life =)

Marijuana and Alcohol? tried them. Dont wanna say i liked them but i didnt hate them either. its your choice do whatever you want.

Please promote to 1 community and 2 lj links please! :-D this is just so people will hear about this awesome community and have more applications :-D

::.*3 Pictures Of You*.::

one must be clearly of your must be clearly of your

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